American Ground N Pound Fighter Spotlight of The Week: Jarred Mercado | By Matt Sierra

The first edition of the American Ground N Pound Fighter Spotlight of the week features Jarred Mercado, Mercado fresh off a rigorous training schedule with the likes of Coach Paulino Ibarra, Christian Allen and his Grudge Training Center team.

J Merc faces 4-2 Brain Wood come August 20, 2011 on the Ring Of Fire 31: Bragging Rights card, when asked how he felt about performing on one of Colorado’s biggest stages, Jarred simply said “I’m excited, I like performing on a big stage”. Mercado feels that his continued work with Grudge Advanced Boxing coach Paulino Ibarra and his already vicious wrestling game will allow him to win this fight no matter where it goes and no matter the pace. Mercado addressed the question of him having any additional pressure with a very simple and true statement of “I don’t think so”, “once you are in the cage and the fight starts, it’s all the same and the name on the ring will not make my skills any better or worse.

Jarred Mercado has no need to utilize hype in any aspect of what he does, the 2-0 pro will tell you that he is nowhere close to where he ultimately wants to be, but the modest stand out has buzz around him with two words being used often and consistently, UFC and Champion.

To purchase tickets to Jarred’s fight please find him on Facebook or his Twitter account of @JmercadoMMA.

Jarred would like to thank his sponsors:

Ink’d Out:

Area 51 Shorts:

Training Mask:

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