One Way Or Another Remodeling – Fighter Spotlight on Brandon Lopez


While you’re anxiously awaiting Cage Kings 3 weigh ins tonight and fights tomorrow, we’ve got a treat for you! We’d like to introduce you to one of the fighters on the card…Brandon Lopez!!!

 I got to know Brandon Lopez when One Way Or Another Remodeling began sponsoring Valley Heights MMA Gym a while back. Brandon contacted me immediately, and we’ve been chatting ever since. According to Brandon, “I’ve been with Valley Heights for all my training. I didn’t wrestle in school, just street fighting. I have two cousins who also fight. My uncle would make us fight just to fight. I hated fighting growing up, but I loved to play sports. It didn’t matter what it was, and I watched my first UFC fight when I was seven. As I got older and started fighting more, it became second nature and I love the discipline and sportsmanship. Now it’s all I want to do.”

Brandon was born in Lamar, Colorado on May 5, 1990. He has two brothers’ Bryan and Brayden. They lost their sister when Brandon was fourteen. Brandon told me that his whole family, especially his wife and sons Blade and Vincent, push him to be a better fighter. According to teammate Derek Jaramillo, it’s working. “Brandon will always push you to get you to the next level. He’s very determined and willing to learn.”

Brandon’s wife, Felicity told me, “I’m happy he’s doing something he loves, yet I get nervous when he gets in the cage because I don’t want him to get hurt. I’m still learning a lot about this sport because I’d never heard about it or watched it before Brandon came into my life.”

I asked Brandon how he and Felicity had met. He told me that his best friend, Alby, was her cousin. Felicity filled in, “We met through my family when he was best friends with my cousin. My Aunt Robyn and other cousin, Serena, thought we would be great together…what’s funny is they both based that on the both of us liking the Oakland Raiders and Eminem.”

As I continued chatting with Brandon, he went on to tell me, “I play sports, skateboard, play video games. But the main thing is to be with my kids. I had a hard childhood so I guess I’m trying to make something out of nothing. I promised my boys I would never leave them no matter what and I will not let drugs, drinking, partying, or any of that come between us.”

Felicity and Blade

Brandon and his boys Blade, 3, and Vincent,1

Brandon and his boys Blade, 3, and Vincent,1

Brandon went on to say, “Felicity had two C-sections. Our son, Blade Christian Lopez is 3 and Vincent Samuel Lopez is 1. As a family, we’ve had some pretty fun times, I couldn’t choose just one, but the best is that when my sons were born, they were there for us, and when my niece was born, I was there for them!”

Felicity told me that Brandon is a pretty funny guy. “That’s what I love most about him. He’s the funniest when he’s around people that he’s most comfy with, like his cousin Lara and his best friend Jason Hudson. He’s crazy with them. I’d tell you my funniest moment with him, but he’s embarrassed by it

Brandon Lopez2

Brandon Lopez is a fighter with a lot of heart in all the right places! He’s been training for two years but blew out his knee at SCR9 and had to take a year off. According to Brandon, “I’m back and I’m ready to wage war!” Teammate, Steven Perez agrees. “We are always in the gym. As far as a training partner, the best comes out in both of us as you will see on Saturday night!”

Brandon will be on the Cage Kings 3 card for his third fight! Third time's a charm!


Brandon will be on the Cage Kings 3 card for his third fight! Third time’s a charm!

There is nobody more willing to tell a funny story than a sibling and Bryan Lopez, Brandon’s brother, is no exception. He shared, “We used to have a little creek by our house and we would fish almost every day. One day he was fixing his pole or something behind me. I wasn’t aware he was there so I drew back to cast.

On a more serious note Bryan concluded, “I’m proud of Brandon! I grew up wrestling throughout school and he never wrestled so I was surprised when he started fighting. He kept practicing and he gets better every day. Part of his determination, I think, comes from the fact that we used to wrestle with our family. Brandon was the last person I thought would get in but he did, and he sticks to it. I’m glad he’s doing something that makes him happy and hope he keeps up the determination and great work!”


We at One Way Or Another Remodeling are confident that he will and it has been our pleasure to introduce you to him!!!! Brandon Lopez!!!!


By: Sandy McLaughlin-Rodriguez of One Way Or Another Remodeling Fighter Spotlight!


One comment on “One Way Or Another Remodeling – Fighter Spotlight on Brandon Lopez

  1. Brandon is one of the best men I know! He is an amazing person. He always strives to become better than he was the day before. Always pushing himself in everything he does. Very proud of him, and I cant wait to see where this journey takes him!!

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