Getting to know Ryan “RipTide” Hollis

Ryan Hollis.3JPG

Ryan “RipTide” Hollis is a 25 year old MMA Fighter that has been fighting for 6 years. Ryan has a total of 26 fights which include unsanctioned, ammy and pro. Ryan’s 12 professional bouts with 4 of those fights have been televised. He has a big fan base and posts to many social media to promote himself. Ryan has a brown belt in both Tae Kwon doe and jiu jitsu, and has a decision win over Bellator newcomer Branden Seyler this past may. Hollis will fight anyone in the flyweight division.

If anyone knows Ryan they know that he is the most exciting Flyweight fighting out of Texas. Why you may ask, Hollis comes to fight and loves to submit and knock out his opponents. Apart from his fighting, he goes out of his way to make people excited by his goofy walkouts, and his fight shenanigans/cocky taunts. Ryan Hollis should be fighting with Bellator MMA because he believes that the organization wants a fighter who people will tune in to watch. Hollis is the type of fighter that Bellator MMA needs in the Flyweight division.

Below you can see his 135 Pro Title Fight and Highlight Video Of His Past Events.

Links on Ryan Hollis: Tapology, Sherdog.

135 Pro Title Fight

Highlight Video


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