Legends of MMA Hall of Fame

This is Another Action Martial Arts Sponsored Event , And Action MAM Consulting

November is right around the corner and for the President of Legends of MMA, Ashe Bowman, that means one thing, it’s time for the MMA Hall of Fame inductions. Legends of MMA Hall of Fame is a licensed and certified Hall of Fame and was founded in 2013 and is based around the sport as a whole and not just tied down to one promotion. It was a void that Mr. Bowman seen and wanted to fill. “There’s a lot of people in this sport who deserve recognition that might not ever receive it unless they are involved with certain promotions, says Ashe, and that’s why it was very important to me to create this company.” Come November 16th, it will mark the second annual Hall of Fame induction process, the only difference between this year and last year is an actual award ceremony. This was the vision Mr. Bowman first set out to do but wanted to take it slow to make sure it was done correctly with honor and integrity. To help reach his goal he reached out to Chris Maltsburger, who is now the Director of Communications and Talent Relations at the Legends of MMA Hall of Fame, for some advise and guidance. Mr. Maltsburger, affectionately known by close friends within the sport as “The Network” due to his connections in the sport of MMA and in other areas of entertainment was honored by the invite and quickly started to put together the foundation of this award ceremony alongside Mr. Bowman. “This event would not have happened if it was not for the help of Chris, he really helped bring my vision to life and I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done”, stated Mr. Bowman. They put a respectable panel of industry insiders to vote on nominees, found a venue to host the event and are off and running. Out of 20 nominees each voter was asked to pick 5. After all the votes were in and tallied the top 5 and this years inductees are Art Davie, Big John McCarthy, Pat Miletich, Fedor Emelianenko and Rickson Gracie. The award ceremony will take place on Sunday November 16th at the Silver Legacy Casino in Reno NV. On top of the inductees there will also be guest award presenters and past inductees to say a few words such as Frank Shamrock, Dan Severn, Sean Wheelock, Stephen Quadros, Jens Pulver, Monte Cox and others. And if that wasn’t enough to top it off this event will be hosted by Inside MMA’s Ron Kruck. Tickets are on sale to the general public through the casino website There will also be a ppv link for only $4.99 for those who can’t make it which will be posted at a later date on the website, with proceeds going to help build a Legends of MMA Hall of Fame Museum, another project Mr. Bowman & Mr. Maltsburger hope to have up and going by the year 2015. They have been overwhelmed by the support of MMA fans and insiders everywhere and hope it continues for this is just the beginning and these events will get bigger and bigger as the years go by.



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