Las Vegas – The UFC® will host a media conference call with the main event fighters from the hotly anticipated UFC®FIGHT NIGHT: ROCKHOLD vs BISPING card on Tuesday, October 28, at 5pm/2pm ET/PT.


The card emanates from Sydney, Australia in two weeks and features the culmination of a bitter, two-year feud between top 10 ranked middleweight contenders Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping in the main event. The entire 10-fight card is available live and on-demand on, the UFC’s digital streaming service.


Rockhold said: “I simply don’t like Bisping. This all started when I went down to help him with some sparring even though I was carrying an injury and out of shape. Afterwards he thanked me for helping out – but then went on national television and rubbished me. Believe me, he got 10% of me in that session, and I will make him pay for disrespecting me on TV.”


Bisping said: “I made an off-the-cuff remark while trying to be funny on TV. I said it with a laugh and a smile, and I apologized and said it was just a joke, but this guy simply takes himself far too seriously to get over it. Luke has no sense of humor, unless you count going out in public dressed like a teenager. But, either way, I kicked his arse in sparring and I will kick his arse in the Octagon.”


Please note: the event takes place on Saturday, November 8, local time in Sydney but will be LIVE primetime Friday evening,November 7, and exclusively live on in North America.


Both fighters will be on the call, along with Tom Wright, the UFC’s Managing Director of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


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